Technical specifications:

  • Type approval number: e17*94/20*94/20*0002*01
  • Coupling type class: C50-X
  • Maximum D value: 190kN
  • Approved for 50mm drawbar eye
  • Rubber grommets
  • Weight: 42KG

The TAV coupling head is available with a factory-installed servo kit. The maintenance-free TAV5801 servo cylinder can withstand even very cold weather conditions.

The servo cylinder can be installed either on the left or the right side. Standard installation is on the right.

There are two configurations:

TAV50SR is a complete coupling head package with remote operation intended for new vehicles.
TAV50SE is a retrofit package to replace an existing coupling head of a vehicle already in use.

Product code
TAV50SR Coupling head 50 (incl. servo cylinder, protective bar, sensor, operating device kit, automatic central lubrication system)
TAV50SE Coupling head 50 (incl. servo cylinder, protective bar, automatic central lubrication system)