TAV products are manufactured by M. Korte Oy

M. Korte Oy is a Finnish technology company that manufactures coupling equipment for heavy-duty vehicle combinations under the TAV brand. The cornerstones of our manufacturing have always been safety, user-friendliness and reliability under all possible climate conditions around the world. The roots of the modern TAV product family extend back to the 1970s.

Our production unit is located in Ylöjärvi. Our products are made with high-quality raw materials in co-operation with the best actors in the field. User feedback has been of vital importance to us in the development of the coupling equipment. Thereby, TAV has become one of the most popular suppliers of coupling equipment solutions among transport companies.

Our E-approved product family includes draw beams and their end plates for the frame models of all vehicle manufacturers, coupling heads for drawing trailers and dollies as well as the remote display equipment indicating the safe locking of the coupling equipment.

Our production and the constant quality of our equipment are monitored with an audited quality system.