Side plate TAV206 series

With these side plates, the coupling head is installed approximately 105 mm below the frame. Side plates are delivered in pairs.

Side plate pair TAV206 for TAV200 and TAV220 drawbeams.

TAV206 Side plate chart
Vehicle brand Side plate pair product code Chassis hole pattern Measurement drawing
DAF TAV206DAF 60×60 TAV206DAF.pdf
IVECO TAV206IV 45×45 TAV206IV.pdf
MAN TAV206MAN 40/50×50 TAV206MAN.pdf
MERCEDES TAV206MB 50×50 TAV206MB.pdf
RENAULT TAV206VO 50×60 TAV206VO.pdf
SCANIA TAV206SC 50×50 TAV206SC.pdf
VOLVO TAV206VO 50×60 TAV206VO.pdf
TAV206 60×60 TAV206.pdf