Drawbeam TAV200

The TAV200 drawbeam is especially suitable for actual trailers and lighter Dolly combinations, but always for combined weights of 80 tons. The draw beam is available in dimensions 550-900 mm.


Technical specification:
D-value: 200 kN
Dc-value: 120 kN
V-value: 50 kN
S-value: 1000 kg
Type: B200
Class: F

UNECE R55 approved
Measurements: TAV200.pdf
TAV200 Drawbeam chart
Vehicle brand
chassis width
Product code
Spacer plates
DAF 790 mm TAV200-790
IVECO 770 mm TAV200-770
MAN 762 mm TAV200-760 2x TAV221
MERCEDES leaf spring 760 mm TAV200-760
MERCEDES air spring 850 mm TAV200-850
RENAULT 850 mm TAV200-850
SCANIA 770 mm TAV200-770
SISU 800 mm TAV200-800
VOLVO 850 mm TAV200-850

Use the TAV204 Support plates if the RUPD plate is not used!